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An Open Letter To The Prophetic Community

As COVID-19 has come, there are prophets who are presenting hope and Jesus as the answer, with solid theology and understanding. Those who have sought an interpretation of the cause, effect, and a global understanding of what God is doing through a new covenant lens. Meanwhile, the devil is seeking opportunity, in the midst of prophetic mishandling, to harden hearts in God’s church from trusting and heeding the voice of the prophets. Particularly as many contradict, argue or judge one another during this time. A time when we need the voice of the prophets to be loud and clear, united and full of conviction. 

A ‘judgement’ narrative is in full swing, as is common when natural disasters strike and incomplete theology manifests.

Some leaders, even those who usually would preach with new covenant language, now lacking conviction, find themselves drifting back to their ‘cultural’ foundations, or are subtly shaped by a general consensus among other leaders in order to maintain relevance and influence. This gives way for the Mosaic covenant concept of God’s heart and His associated actions to impose itself upon the interpretation skills of new covenant prophets. This is bringing a voice of confusion, judgement, uncertainty, retribution and death to the church, instead of the holy hope and kingdom expectation that Christ revealed of the Fathers ways in the new covenant.

Some Considerations:

There is an opportunity for some fresh approaches to how we embrace and engage prophetic culture in our new covenant age, particularly as Facebook becomes the Church’s temporary pulpit.

  1. If you feel you have a word, this does not mean it is for the global Facebook community. Hold it, pray into it, ask God what to do with it (if anything more than pray). 

  2. If you disagree with someone’s idea/theology/word, particularly an influencer with whom you have no relationship or access, this does not mean it is appropriate, or godly, to correct them publicly. If they are leading in some capacity and you are a young theologian, with no real community integration of your theology or significant experience in leadership, give them a break, they are doing their best. Be opinionated, know your voice matters, but function within the realm of maturity and honour. The world needs to see a strong church right now, not an arrogant and divided one. Avoid projecting immature irritation under the guise of passionate and effective church authority that perhaps doesn’t actually exist in your life.

  3. A pandemic is not an opportunity to correct other peoples theology, or their church methods and models, with passive-aggressive prophetic insight that conveniently justifies all your great ideas. There are far more kingdom purposes to be looking for and needless division is unnecessary and carnal.

  4. Whilst some of the eschatological and judgement narratives around this pandemic are tiring and misguided, Jesus is not embarrassed by His bride, and neither should we be. He loves us, twisted theology and all. If you are embarrassed by God’s church, you may need to deal with some self-consciousness and seek revelation on His perspective and His unwavering love for His Church. Jesus associated himself inseparably with us, despite our ability to be stupid. Let’s not save face by vocally distancing from brothers and sisters who think different, He is our vindication and our sense of personal security.

  5. We need to think, behave and speak like mothers and fathers, more than brothers and sisters. Siblings squabble. Parents care, nurture, celebrate ‘having a go’, and cover weakness in hard times, rather than exposing it.

My Prayer

  • For the church – I pray we remain soft and open to the voice of the prophetic movement in this tricky time. Don’t be gullible and buy into fear-driven judgement ideology, nor chronic futurist eschatology, but also don’t be unkind and judgemental of the prophetic community, or detrimentally weary. Remember, you are responsible for your walk with God and your study of the scriptures, don’t put that on others and don’t project vulnerability to misguided prophecy, God is with you. Be strong, stable and clear-minded.
  • For Prophetic leaders –  My prayer is that you remain engaged, encouraged and experientially loved by God and the Christian community, but also search more deeply and carefully for theologically accurate and pure prophetic insight. We need it. Relevance is not a healthy motivation for the prophetic, love, accuracy and pure heartedness is. Impure motives will cost us more now than it usually would. Remain steadfast in uprightness. Please prayerfully consider the prophets of the New Testament and how they interpreted natural events (Acts 11:27-30 is a great place to start). Please separate the cause and origin of COVID-19 (the devil) from the purposes of God in the midst of it, as He uses it for good. Please consider your framework for God’s judgement and it’s accuracy according to the biblical change of covenants. 

The Bottom Line

Jesus is King and this will pass.

The church is His bride and He loves her. We have lots to learn, and lots of grace to show one another as we do. We need the voice of the prophets, and prophets need great theology to interpret God’s voice through and speak His heart to the Church.

We will get there. We will represent Him well!

In Him,
Mark Greenwood

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One thought on “An Open Letter To The Prophetic Community

  1. Joline Garrett says:

    In the midst of the fear and dread of this virus, I, in faith, am choosing to believe that God still has a promise to me to give me “a future”. I know that God’s will cannot be held back. And I cannot change it. So I acknowledge that God’s plan and will are at work in this world, in my life. And I will not doubt God’s love for me. God will not abandon me. I will still “fear no evil”. I will reflect on myself, my life, how I can walk closer to one and only God who can save me body and soul for his kingdom’s purpose.

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